Battery life and restoration has become increasingly important.  The freight cost of shipping “DEAD” and permanently damaged batteries back to source for maintenance is expensive.  Removal and replacement for customers is expensive and prohibitive.

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Lead Acid Batteries used in Solar Systems, Boats,  Cars, Trucks, Forklifts and Golf Carts can be RECONDITIONED to last up to 20 years, saving money in removal, replacement, shipping and labor.

Almost all Lead Acid batteries can be Desulfated and Reconditioned with our process.  Patent Pending.

For many of our solar system customers, we can Recondition and PREVENT further Sulfation ON SITE.

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Battery Mainenance, Rejuvenation and Replacement

GEL and Deep Cycle Lead Acid storage systems last long and work best in high heat and humidity environments when properly installed and maintained

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